Saturday, 15 March 2014

Rice and Flour

I have been planning small activities for Little I, normally two a day, to add to our daily schedule. I try do at least one sensory activity a week. Little I loved playing with flour in the past but it has alway ended up in tears and a complete mess (because it goes in her eyes and hair, and everywhere else). I had a complete brain wave the other night when I was thinking of activities. I thought to add rice to the flour, just to add another dimension. Little I absolutely loved it. I gave her measuring spoons and a jar and bowl and she poured and spooned until it was all on the grass... and not in her eyes or hair (it was in Little L's hair though, compliments of Little I). I don't know how the rice made such a difference, but it did.

I coloured the rice with food colouring and layered it in this large jar with the flour. Having it ready in the jar was not only a great way to present it to Little I but was also a great way to be super prepared and have it ready when we wanted to use it. (The easiest way to colour rice is to put it in a paper cup, pour a few drops of colouring and stir it as it is drying so that it doesn't stick together, voila!)

Spooning and pouring the flour from the bowl to the jar and back.

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